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Social Media Marketing

Grow your Brand's Presence on the Social Networks that Matter Most

Manage multiple social channels

Define your Audience

Defining the target audience involves the creation of personas based on their interests, location and demographics.

Content Marketing

Connect with your audience through a combination of images, videos and texts in your social media posts.

Influencer Marketing

Utilize the power of social media with influencer marketing to add brand value to your business.

Referral Marketing

Offering referral codes to your customers and incentivizing them for sharing it increases interest in your brands and products.

Channels That Drive Traffic To Your SiteMaking 3.3 Billion Active Social Media Users Your Customers!

Investing in Social Media Marketing helps you tap into this large audience. Social media marketing happens when all the channels in social media are used as a marketing tool with the goal to promote products or services.

Each social media platform performs different social actions- for instance, Twitter is used for immediate ‘updates’ or to share short messages while Facebook is a full-blown social networking site among families and communities. Each channel has a different type of strategies that require detailed attention and close monitoring. Allow us to help you build your business on social media.

Plan and Invest Wisely in Social MediaSocial Media For Business

It is getting tougher by the day to build an organic following. Make a difference by investing in ads to see the magic.

Custom Profile Design

Dinero can customize design profiles for every major social media platform to represent your company uniformly and bring in your customers.

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring helps you to track your brand across channels for customer engagement, sentiment analysis and reputation management.

Social Media Analytics

We can help you gather data from various social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Analytics measures your performance against goals to chart success.

Social Media Advertising

There are different types of advertising and platforms for social media services. We can assist you to choose the right platforms that are suited to your business.