Search Engine Marketing


Our SEM Strategies to Promote Your Product and Services

We assist companies to market their business using paid advertisements to appear on search engine results pages. Search Engine Marketing is the most effective way to promote your services and products and if you haven’t added SEM as part of your marketing strategies, then you are losing out big time.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads.

Keyword Research

Ad Groups, Tools, Keyword Management


PPC Ads for Low and High Volume Accounts

Choose our professionals to create winning PPC campaigns; from research to selection of right keywords to well-organized campaigns, ad groups and PPC landing pages for conversions.


Mathematics + Strategic Planning = Profitable PPC

Businesses have lots of options when it comes to online marketing and advertising. Even though companies do rely heavily on search optimization, statistics prove that the majority of businesses have invested their budgets in PPC campaigns.

Outline clear goals and objectives

PPC campaigns begin with clear cut goals and strategies that bring in instant traffic, leads and customers to your website or landing page. The campaign objectives have to clearly defined and tied to the business objectives.

Requirements for traffic generation

Once the achievable goals with a timeline have been fixed, we can move onto the next important step – traffic generation. When PPC campaigns are done right, the ads ensure targeted traffic that eventually converts into business leads.

Manage your PPC with a Sensible Budget

With the initial steps in place, the next major move is to set up a sensible budget. Many factors such as how much is needed for the clicks on the website, the range when estimating cost per clicks prices, etc.

Niche keywords Research: Long-tail keywords strategy

Keyword research is an important and time-consuming process around which the entire PPC campaign is built. The success of the campaign lies in the combination of high, low, medium keywords, long-tail keywords, etc. Long-tail keyword or phrases are very specific to our your products or services. When long-tail keywords are searched for, it indicates that the customer is intent on buying exactly what he is looking for.

Good Writing - Don’t ignore it.

Another important criterion for a very effective PPC campaign depends on a major factor – writing successful ad copies or text ads. Ads well-written help you to reach your potential customers. Our copywriting experts create skilful PPC copy ads that reach the right user at the right time.
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