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Performance marketing is a strategy that comes under the digital marketing blueprint or plans. Here, through performance marketing, the advertisers only pay when specific actions like clicks or lead conversion/generation occurs. This customized strategy is ideal for business organizations and companies, which look to reach their audience at scale as the payment is based on how the users interact with the content. Here, the brands only pay marketing service providers only after their business objectives or goals get met along with taking of specific actions like a click, sale, or lead as mentioned before. In simple words, the digital marketing strategy of performance marketing is performance-based marketing process.

Performance Marketing

The performance marketing strategy or process works well when the advertisers connect with agencies and publishers to design and place advertisements strategically for their business organizations or company. It also includes a number of performance marketing channels such as the social media, internet search engines, videos, embedded web content, and data visualization and analytics processes among others. Here, the payment is not done on advertisements in the traditional way.  The payment gets done by advertisers on how well the advertisement or ad performs through measuring the number of clicks, impressions, shares, leads, and sales.

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Performance Marketing – How it Works?

The performance marketing strategy works when advertisers put their ads on a given marketing channel, and they pay based on how the ad performs. The ad performs in a multitude of ways that leads to click-to-traffic conversion and lead generation. The advertisers analyze the high performing ads properly before paying for best lead-generating advertisements.

There are a different ways to pay when it comes to performance marketing strategy. These include Cost per Click, Cost per Impression, Cost per Sales, Cost per Leads, and Cost per Acquisition.

All these lead to lead generation to various business organizations, which drive the revenue and profit of companies forward.

With Cost per Click (CPC)

The advertisers pay based on the number of times their advertisement gets clicked on, which is a great way to drive traffic to the business website. The Cost per Impressions (CPM) works when the advertisers pay based on every thousand views that get obtained for the ads by users. This leads to clicks and conversion of these clicks to leads and improved website traffic. This can in turn result in increased sales.

The Cost per Sales (CPS) works when the sales of your product or services get driven and done by the ads. It is also known by the name of Affiliate Marketing process. As for Cost per Leads (CPL), the advertisers pay when potential users signs up to your website after seeing the ad to buy your products or services. The ads will be catered to potential users through an e-mail newsletter or webinars. Thus, the CPL generates leads that you can follow up with customers to drive sales.

The Cost per Acquisition (CPA), which is similar to CPL and CPS, works when advertisers pay businesses as the users or consumers complete a specific action. Here, the action includes making a sale, sharing your contact information, and visiting your blogs among others.

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Top Performance-Marketing Channels

The best and top performance-marketing channels get used by advertisers and businesses through affiliate marketing to drive traffic into your business websites. These get categorized into two, which include banner or display ads and native advertising. The display ads get catered to potential customers through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These ads utilize interactive content, videos, and engaging-graphic-designs. Native advertising gets done through sponsored videos in YouTube and other popular e-commerce websites.


These are the ways by which the Performance Marketing process works. Connect with us and contact us to implement performance marketing techniques to your business organization.

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