Why Branding is Important

Studies reveal that a customer is thrice as likely to convert for brands they are aware of. To be recognized and remembered by your customers, you need to get the foundational basis of your marketing funnel right- and that is via branding and improving your brand awareness.

The advantages of branding and enhancing the awareness surrounding your business is crucial to getting your products or services out there. If one were to list out the advantages of branding, they include more likelihood of garnering leads and sales, opening new channels of marketing, better customer loyalty and the power to tap into customer data to market products effectively in the future.

Digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness

While it is particularly hard to measure the effectiveness of a branding campaign right away, it plays a pivotal role and therefore, should be weaved into your digital marketing strategy. Branding is known to be a long multi-stage process and digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness can be tapped into. These two strategies are the most recommended:

1. Improving brand awareness with social media marketing
Emerging as a favorite amongst marketers across domains to increase brand awareness, social media marketing is a great way to garner views and receive attention. Create separate marketing and advertising campaigns for different social media channels and watch your word getting out there.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to improve brand awareness
Having a good ranking when one enters a search query relevant to your business is an effective way to improve branding, amongst many other things. PPC is the paid version of SEO to show up higher on the paid results.

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