Top Trends in Content Marketing

What’s new in content marketing?

Well, content is a key and indispensable aspect of digital marketing. Many factors such as the quality, facts, authenticity, and the target audience are crucial elements of your content to be noticed by both Google and the readers.

Content marketing has evolved to where users want interactive content, genuine and real brands with a better experience. Let’s look at a few trends in content marketing for this year.

1.Long-form Content

The year 2019 is the year of the long-form content. Both the search engines and the ‘readers’ love long-form content that’s over 2000 words. Companies are turning to content that has immense depth while abandoning shallow content or topics. These content are heavily researched, structured with facts taken from reliable sources. The top articles on the first page have word-limit of 2000 words or above, all the time.

2. Content Creation System

Companies now invest more and more in the content creation process to attain outstanding content. There are various steps such as keyword research, topic discussion, writing, optimizing, and editing, creating different types of content and promotion in social media. By investing in the content creation process is the only way to assure the right resources to do it.

3. Content Personalization to laser-target an audience

93% of marketers use personalization in at least one of their channels. (Source: Everage). What appeals to a user about your content need not be the same for another.  Each user has a different requirement. Personalization exploits this by providing content suited to individual requirements.

4. Go beyond blogs

Even though blogs are a big deal and bring in a lot of traffic, it is not the only way.  When many multi-channels and forms of content are available for users, concentrating only on those who read articles or blogs might be foolish. Bring out the video or audio content for those who prefer them.  Many especially the 18-30 years old spend a good deal of their time watching videos.

5. Be Authentic

90% of consumers want brands that they like and support to be authentic.  It is also reported that customers would recommend authentic brands to others and also stay loyal to them. How to be authentic? By been accountable and keeping your brand’s promise with transparency.

6. Social Media Content

The trends in social media is ever-changing really fast. The trend is slowly moving away from Facebook to Instagram and Whatsapp channels. The influencers and the youth are the trendsetters for this scenario. Instagram content is personal and authentic making it easier for the audience to relate. Stories have to be fast, authentic, and playful.

Content marketing is teamwork that involves brainstorming and discussions from individuals of various quarters in your company. The collaboration of two meaningful brands or companies to produce something new could be the start of fresh content with a broader audience.  Adaptation enables one to meet the expectations of its users. Are you struggling with the implementation of content marketing strategies? We can provide you with strategies that will meet your user’s expectations.