Relevance of SEO for Businesses During Covid-19

A simple virus has literally stopped the whole world in its tracks. The fact that everyone is forced to accept and adjust to the ‘new normal’ is mind-boggling. Businesses all around the world have been badly hit and the economic downfall is slowly taking its effect.

Businesses from many industries saw their website search traffic take a huge hit. But it is also a fact that Covid-19 has forced many to go online. So, what does this mean? Is SEO useful or not for your business during this pandemic?

The internet has grown at an exponential rate, not just in terms of online usage, but also in the shift of a range of activities such as virtual meetings, online classes, movie streamings, social media, mobile apps, shopping, electronic transfers, and more.

Even though SEO might look different for businesses that are essential and non-essential, it is now all the more relevant for all SMBs during these testing times. E-commerce, delivery, and pick up are now the most essential part of our life.

Why is SEO Relevant During Covid-19?
Despite all that is going on right now, SEO is still very relevant, and here is why:

1) Covid-19 is at the top

Coronavirus is a global issue that is prevailing in everyone’s mind right now. Search results have indicated that the web traffic on Covid-19 increases during morning and evening. Questions related to the pandemic like on what kind of safety measures are implemented in businesses, especially advice and tips on how to stay healthy is of great importance.

2) Evergreen Topics are still the King

Evergreen topics in your niche or industry are super valuable and accumulate web traffic over time. Not that trending topics on your business are not good, but they will face stiff competition from leading companies and are less likely to rank. They will also lose web traffic with time.

3) Search to be all the more Crucial

Times have changed, and the forced isolation for many means more dependency on online search engines and virtual assistants. From the older generation to the youngest, everyone needs to be online for various reasons. So, it is crucial to plan for search engine marketing (SEM, PPC) for businesses as quickly as possible.

4) Not just Web Traffic, but Qualified Traffic

With so much increase in search traffic, it would be great to direct that flow to our websites. But it is not about just an increase in the website traffic, but an increase in qualified traffic. So, all those who reach you are people interested in your business. Here is where SEO plays its part.

5) SEO = Long-Term Results

Implementing SEO in your business doesn’t mean instant results. It is a slow and consistent process that gives noteworthy gains after three months or so at least. So, place your trust in SEO experts who can achieve excellent results in time.

Covid-19 has taught us that tiny things like a virus can throw our lives into total disarray. But the beauty of humans is our resilience to overcome difficult situations. Businesses don’t have to end their investment in SEO as part of cutting down costs, but instead, discuss with their digital marketing agency on how SEO could be executed during these unusual times. To know more, call us!