New Instagram Rules for Publishing Branded Content

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is used by millions not just to upload their moments but also to promote their business motives. 

80% of Instagram accounts follow a business, with 200 million users visiting a business profile every day (Instagram)

In the previous blogs [Part 1 and Part 2], we spoke about how Instagram introduced a new way for content creators, businesses, influencers, etc to collaborate and produce branded content that was paid. A small recap – Branded content first introduced on Facebook was moved to Instagram later. It is limited on Facebook, but open to all accounts on Instagram.

Posts with ‘paid partnerships with [company name]’ shown at the top are all branded content and all the Instagram feed posts and stories are eligible to be branded content.

The New Rules for Branded Content?

On December 18th, 2019, Instagram released an announcement that spoke about the new ways of supporting branded content and the new updates in their policies. Under the new policy, ‘branded content that promotes goods such as vaping, tobacco products, and weapons will not be allowed.’ 

Their advertising policies had restrictions on such products earlier on, but they weren’t strictly executed. Instagram promised that in the weeks following the announcements, the policies were to be strictly enforced.

Policy changes were also placed on all branded content that promoted goods such as alcohol or diet supplements. They would, from now on, have special restrictions, with no more details given on what that will be. 

Instagram is building special tools to help creators implement these policies and the ability to restrict viewers to view content based on age. The policy had also stated a few other requirements like new creators or publishers have to tag their business partner for branded content posts. It is necessary to use the branded content tool to tag the featured product or business partner. The branded content tool, or otherwise known as a paid partnership tool, is a must.

Instagram’s new rules ought to bring in more positive results and transparency in the Influencer community. They are working on the ability to share metrics on engagement by the audience with your business partners.

How does this help?

Businesses working with influencers is not something new, but previously they were unable to use the influencer’s posts as ads. Now, with the new rules, these ads can be used to reach a greater audience than the influencer’s organic reach. 

It is a great way for both the businesses to get genuine content and more following for the influencers. By creating and promoting great posts, you connect with your target audience and ensure more connectivity and visibility. Influencer marketing is a power to reckon which businesses shouldn’t ignore, but rather incorporate them in their marketing strategies.

Please bear in mind as creators, to read and follow Instagram’s policies carefully before you begin promoting products or if you are promoting prohibited products, please stop or Instagram is bound to penalize your account. As on all platforms, pay attention and stay away from objectionable content. To know more, get in touch. For more updates on the latest trends, keep reading!