LinkedIn Marketing Tips

For companies that want to generate leads, LinkedIn is a goldmine for waiting to be discovered. With more than 575+ million users and 260 million monthly active users, the potential of increasing your followers with a great organic reach and audience insights is huge.

For an effective and fantastic marketing strategy, it would be great to combine your LinkedIn marketing campaign with digital marketing strategies. It will have an enormous impact on businesses by increasing leads, forging partnerships, and increasing brand awareness. 

LinkedIn has all kinds of industry-discussions, professional connections, and business-related activities in its professional network at all times that you can participate in.

Remember, LinkedIn was a professional network that was initially created as a platform for reading and its success hugely depends on the kind of content you post. Let’s look at a few tips to make marketing in LinkedIn a success. 

1. An Updated and Complete LinkedIn Profile

A complete and updated LinkedIn profile will define your success as it the first thing your visitors see. Create fantastic taglines that honestly speak and portray your business. Build a company page with details such as company name, description, professional image, website, industry, groups, physical location, contact details, work timings, and other essential information. 

2. Get Connected

LinkedIn makes it easy to get connected to the millions of people on its network. Expand your connections by breaking barriers and introducing yourself to others. Encourage and engage your employees to join the company page and ask them to tag updates. This will be shared in their networks, thus increasing followers. Record your employees to the page properly for each time an employee makes a new connection, the new connection will be promoted to follow your company page.

3. Focus on the Content Strategy

Content marketing is very critical for LinkedIn campaigns and is one of the best modes of engaging with your audience. Use the three different types of posts offered by LinkedIn which are article, image, and video. Add a portion of the content in the post with a link to the full blog post. It is recommended that the blog post be added to the LinkedIn page itself.

4. Create LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are another way to make connections and bring in leads. Select your related niche group, interact, get key partners and build your business. You can discuss industry trends with like-minded people, establish yourself as a thought leader, ideas, insights, or even questions. 

5. Recommend and Form your Network

LinkedIn is a professional and social network where recommendation works great. You help others today, someone will help you tomorrow. 

6. LinkedIn Ad Campaigns and Marketing Tools  

Let’s have a look at the tools that can generate your sales and revenue. 

Linkedin Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator with advanced lead and company search feature is one of the most popular tools in sales. It targets the right audience, helps you to interact with customers, and tracks key leads. The key services of the Sales Navigator are:

  • Can convert the Navigator into a CRM with a click.
  • Can connect with potential customers in the company network
  • Real-times sales update and much more.

 Some of the other tools are:

  1.  the Crystal app – a personality assessment platform that gathers insights about your prospect’s personality from their profile
  2. Datanyze – provides you with real insights into the technology choices of a company
  3. LeadFuze – as the name denotes, helps create a list of leads and target accounts

LinkedIn is fantastic to create new leads for B2B companies. To know more about how LinkedIn can help your business, call us or write to us