How to Get More Reach and Shares on Your Blog Posts

Have you ever wondered why the amazing piece of content that you have written doesn’t get enough reach?

The lack of views, shares, and reach is an issue that even brands with an established blog or content strategy face. Once the content gets published, there are a lot more things to be done to get more people to view and share the content.

Here are a few steps to take to promote your blog posts.

1. Share on Social Media with a Well-Thought-Out Plan

A published blog post has to be promoted at optimum times. Various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, have specified the optimal time and day to promote your posts. If not, you could end up losing your post in the flow and miss your target audience. There are numerous tools to help you optimize the posting time.

2. Use Images for More Engagement

Adding images or visuals to social posts like the tweets, drive five times more engagement. Twitter offers Twitter cards that allow you to attach rich photos and videos to your tweets that are much more than the 140 character limit. Once the Twitter Card plugin is added to your WordPress website, it will be displayed each time someone tweets the link.

3. Follow-up Posts

You can repromote the posts throughout the month after the publication. It is okay to share about 3 times a week on Twitter, and 2 times a month with Facebook, Instagram, etc. Make sure that you don’t share the tweets as such, but instead reinvent the blog.

4. Get Influencers to Share your Posts

Increase the reach of your post by ensuring that it reaches other audiences as well. For this, you can get in touch with the influencers in your niche or industry, who might be willing or interested to share your posts.

5. Inform the People you Feature

If your post speaks about another blogger or shares a link or mentions someone else’s business, it is okay to ask the concerned person to share the post. You could send an email that has a short note and a link to the post, saying that they are featured in it.

6. Paid Promotion for Better Reach

Many influencers believed that paid promotions were used by big brands only. But times have changed. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook prefer paid content over organic posts. The good news is that paid promotion is affordable and effective with controllable budgets. Your posts can now reach your relevant audience.
To reach the target audience, boost your Facebook and Twitter posts by setting custom parameters.

7. Promoting the Post in Your Email Campaigns

Create an email that doesn’t reveal too many details, but instead encourages the reader to access the link. Ensure that there is a call-to-action asking people to subscribe to the blog.

8. Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are third party networks which allow you to share content and gain more exposure. Select these communities based on your target audience to help promote your blog posts.

There are a lot of tricks to promote your blog. Spend time testing them to see what works the best. To know more on how to promote your blog, get in touch with us.