Content Promotion Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Drive Traffic

To build a good name and a sense of trust amongst customers, eliminate competition and reach the right people in the online marketplace, good content promotion with a strong SEO strategy in place is key.

The content created should reach a wide audience and put forth information through engaging formats to appeal, inform and educate them. Just good written or visual content no longer does the trick- content promotion is so much more.

Effective Content Promotion

Here are a few hacks to effectively promote your content to an audience that may be interested in your products or services, in addition to the SEO strategies in place already:

Forum and Discussion Groups

Find relevant online forums and groups with topics of discussion related to your field. You could also consider creating a group (Facebook, LinkedIn or Clubhouse) with users of a like-minded ideology and allow it to grow organically and use subliminal marketing to gain customers over time.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a largely used tool in the current scenario to get a brand’s name across. Associate with trustworthy influencers who are likely to engage with your products and function in your domain to get better results. Consider reaching out to micro influencers too who may have a smaller following but a larger engagement rate.

Content Promotion Through Social Media
  1. Pinterest with its visual appeal is a good social media platform for brands to exist on. The content on Pinterest could
    appeal to an interested user and convert them into a customer.
  2. Quora questions and answers pertaining to your products and services or the sphere that you
    operate in are a lesser used but effective tool to promote your content.
  3. SlideShare is a great resource for presentations. Therefore uploading content-rich power point
    presentations on the platform may prove to be helpful.
Alternative Platforms to Increase Reach
  • Use mentions and hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to increase reach among newer audiences with an interest in the same service/product.
  • Tap into creating marketing videos- YouTube with instructional and informational videos will appear visual learners.
  • Podcasts are an up and coming way to market to listeners from around the world. Start a podcast channel or do a talk as a guest speaker to get your brand’s name out there to those who may be interested in your domain.
  • In a large country like India where English may not be the first language for most, vernacular marketing helps promote and reach untapped audiences. When people are spoken to in a language they understand, it drives the message home.

What’s important is to keep up with the latest SEO trends and constantly be on the lookout for new platforms and methods to promote content and rake in revenue.