7 New Strategies to get High-Quality Backlinks

7 New Strategies to get High-Quality Backlinks

Dinero  |  
August 29, 2019

It is a well-known fact that backlinks help improve a website’s SEO ranking. So, let’s start with the basics.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound links that come from another website to your website. They could come from blog posts, social media, directories, and content from other websites.

It is also very important to have not just any backlinks, but quality backlinks that come from relevant websites from your industry and niche.

What is a quality backlink?

Websites with high domain authority that are reliable and liked by searchers and search engines alike are the ones that give us quality backlinks.

Let’s look at a few strategies to help you build quality backlinks that will make you Google’s darling.

Create Outstanding Content

If you need backlinks, you would need content that is worth linking it to. Think about the different types of valuable content that you can create: case studies, infographics, long-form content, videos, original reports, or research.  Start promoting your content, reach out to influencers. Once people notice your epic content, quality links will follow.

‘Skyscraper’ Content

You might be wondering, ‘what is skyscraper content?’. It is an inbound marketing technique that uses reverse engineering to create content that is better than the existing one. In other words, find a content that is trending on the web, and create a new one that is ten times better.

Competitor Link Analysis

Tracking and analyzing your competitors’ backlinks is a powerful strategy that will help you gain new backlinks.  Select backlinks with the help of tools and identify trustworthy links that have high scores. Replicate these backlinks and gain an edge over your competitors.

Be Active on Quora and Other Relevant Forums

There are a lot of people seeking genuine help in forums to solve their problems, especially in Quora and Reddit. Search with your keyword and give the best solutions to questions which include links to your content which is a solution to the problem.


Guest blogging is another great way to increase backlinks. If you are new, be a guest blogger to smaller websites and slowly build up your reputation as a writer. Once you are good enough to show off, start guest blogging bigger websites.


One of the best forms of content, an infographic makes difficult and boring content easy to understand and loveable with attractive images.  Collect correct data and create a really beautiful infographic. Now, how do you get a link from an infographic? Add an embedded code at the end of the infographic for people to link back.

Bring in the Big Guns: the Influencers

Influencers could give you what you are looking for: quality backlinks. How do you do that? Quote them in your articles, or ask them to contribute to your content (this could be tough), and last but not least, link to an influencer’s high-rated content.

Backlink strategies help you build the SEO ranking that will make Google pay attention to you. Websites that appear on the first page have a minimum of 30,000 backlinks which could be disheartening. Don’t have time for this SEO strategy? Leave it to the professionals. What are you waiting for? Call us now.