5 Google Ads Mistakes you don’t want to make

To supplement your SEO strategy, if you’re looking a way into advertising on Google ads, then you must give this article a read. This Google ads for beginners guide gives you the lowdown on how to avoid rookie mistakes and how to use Google ads effectively to get your business the push it needs.

We, at Dinero Tech Labs, believe that all our clients must get their money’s worth and here are some of the easy to make Google ads mistakes we commonly spot that greatly affects how to use Google ads effectively. An ad riddled with mistakes is sure to cost you a lot- in terms of money as well as campaign success. This is sure to be a basic Google ads guide suitable for beginners looking to get started with advertising on Google ads.

Here are 5 basic Google ads Mistakes you definitely don’t want to make along every step of the way. For ease of understanding, we have subdivided the commonly made errors into the following stages:

1. Keywords
• Choosing incorrect keywords
• Choosing too many keywords
• Skipping the use of negative keywords

2. Match selection
• Using the wrong match type
• Forgetting to geotag

3.Google ads content
• Poor ad copy
• Creating just one advertisement per group
• Forgetting to include a call-to-action
• Not using ad extensions

• Lack of understanding of bidding and not testing strategies
• Not bidding for Google ads of your own brand
• Misunderstanding that the first position is always the best

5.Landing page content
• Ignoring mobile optimization

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