UI and UX Designs – All You Should Learn

UI and UX Designs – All You Should Learn

Dinero  |  
November 13, 2017

All these acronyms that one gets to hear in this digital world; it can get a little overwhelming. AI/UI/UX/SERP and much more! Well, let’s not get into too much, however it is essential to learn about UI/UX designs which is the most discussed topics of the day.

Difference between UI and UX

UI design refers to the User Interface Design whereas the UX design stands for User Experience Design. When we talk about a product, both these elements are important and work in correlation. However, the roles they play are pretty different. UX design is more into the technical and analytical side, whereas the UI design is nearer to the graphic design.

UX design is basically the method of increasing the satisfaction of the customer by making improvements in the product and thus the interaction. Hence it relates to the content, interactivity and functionalities of a mobile app or a website.

UI is responsible for the conveyance of a product’s research/development into a responsive and attractive experience for the users. The UI stands for the user experience as far as the functionalities go.

Significance of UI and UX

When we talk about a website project or maybe a mobile app, we always stress on the user and his/her experience or the UX. This being said, we also need to give attention to the User interface or the UI as this is what will ultimately lead to the complete user experience.

The combination of the UI and UX is different, but if they are used appropriately, they are the base of any good design.

For all the tech savvy customers out there, a great website design is an absolute must. Any brand needs to have a good online presence as well as mobile reach. Think of it this way, if the payment screen takes too long to load or cannot be easily navigated (UX); or if the app looks too old (UI) then the customer may not buy the product at all. Good UI will make sure that the minute details like graphics, font etc are taken care of and create an interface which will bring in traffic. UX will be like a bridge between the UI as well as the target.

Hence, they both need to go hand in hand for effective digital marketing.