Top Challenges for SEO in 2019

Digital marketers more than ever feel overwhelmed (at times exhausted!) by the sheer volume of things to do. Website optimization, keyword research, and analysis, content updates, and so forth. They are expected to be the superman or superwoman of the digital world. Is this possible? Of course, yes, its all about working smart, isn’t it? They have to be super organized and au fait with the latest SEO trends. A brief look at the challenges faced by marketers in 2019.

1. Keyword Research and Ranking

The days of keyword stuffing and exact match domains are long gone. Keyword stuffing is a big no that invites a severe penalty.  Google likes exact match domains that aren’t spammy and has great domain authority with a decent number of links. It’s time to stop matching keyword phrases and instead focus on content that completely answers your audience’s questions via the search. Turn your attention to long-tail keywords of three or more words.

2. Finding Accurate Data

Nearly all marketers struggle to find and comprehend accurate data provided by the search results. Instead of relying only on free tools offered by search engine giants, search for reliable tools that offer internal and external data analysis, data tracking method, and mobile conversions.

3. Content is (LITERALLY) the king

Google loves and rewards websites that offer in-depth content quality and experience for the audience. Publishing a single informatic post in a month with huge views would be far better than several with low-quality content posts that garner fewer views. Do research, find out the problems, and offer solutions in your content. And Google will love you.

4. Managing Google’s Constant Algorithm Changes

You might be still struggling with some rank issues that the last algorithm left in its wake, when, Kaboom,  you are hit with a new algorithm update. It feels like a never-ending loop. Solution? Keep an eye out for the updates which are never notified. Keep track of experts and their advice and opinions.

5. Perfect your on-page optimization

Now, on-page optimization is the technical aspect of the SEO, which some marketers overlook.  On-page optimization still affects the website visibility and ranking positions in SERPs and improving it can increase user experience too. They are Metadata, Schema, and Internal Links Structure.  The metadata should have the best title tags and page descriptions. Your schema markup should be updated and, according to Google’s liking. Your internal link structure should help users and search engines find the pages by helping users, canonicals, roadmaps for certain content, and indexing of particular pages.

Even though these challenges stay ever constant in SEO, we could overcome these challenges by prioritizing the areas that need attention. Does your website struggle with visibility, ranking, low-quality content? Or, are you clueless as to what the problem is? Give us a call, and we can give you a free website analysis to sort it out.