How to get Unlimited Traffic from Google News

News Flash: an often unexplored area in digital marketing is getting traffic from Google News and that is exactly what we discuss as part of this blog. While one may assume that just news websites are eligible to feature on Google News, that is not the case- if your page updates industry-specific articles frequently, you may be eligible. The trick lies in optimizing your news or press release content to show up for readers who have looked up related terms on their search engine.

The positive impact of Google News in digital marketing are fourfold, listed below:

1. Unlock the potential of unlimited traffic
2. The process is quick unlike conventional SEO strategies which take a while to deliver results
3. A boost in credibility to your site as it features on Google News
4. May even subsequently enhance page authority

How to draft your content to get traffic from Google News?

This can be done with succinct headlines that get your message across in a straightforward manner
Ensure that the date and time on the article is free of error
All the content must be original and unique
Content must be updated at regular intervals
Make sure to include industry-specific keywords
Short content most often works better and the suggestion would be to keep it to below 1000 words in length
Interject visual content like videos and images into the article
It is recommended to structure your content with relevant subheadings and pointers to make for
an easier read

The impact of Google News in digital marketing is still an avenue that several digital marketers are getting the hang of, but experts like the Dinero Tech Labs team members who can be reached by email us at [email protected] could make the process a whole lot easier.