Finding Keyword Opportunities without Historical Data

For any digital marketer, the first step of the process in setting out their plans for a client’s business’ SEO strategy setup would be finding the right keywords. This step doesn’t receive as much attention as it ideally should, therefore costing the client their time and money and the digital marketing firm their reputation.

The goal of your exercise on finding the right keywords should be to pinpoint the apt high-volume search terms that are relevant to the business so that the right customers can reach them. Keyword research follows a traditionally set pattern of using tools to get an idea of what are the search terms users look for, however they pose their own sets of limitations such as combing only through historical data.

In reality, the keywords that your SEO strategy surrounds may just be a drop in an ocean of several other keywords that users search for that you’re failing to harness for your benefit. Looking for the right keyword opportunities and performing keyword research without historical data is then the way to go for this approach. At the outset, this may seem like a mammothian task without an end in sight but with a little bit of creativity, trial and error, patience and analysis, it may actually surprise you.

Here are a couple of innovative approaches to doing keyword research without historical data that may end up doing you a world of good:

1. While you search the keyword most relevant to your business, do not forget to cast a look in the direction of ‘related searches’ and ‘people also ask’ to gain an insight into what other common search queries are.
2. Using the ‘Refine Keywords’ feature on Google Ads may be helpful too.

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