7 SEO Tips to get to Page One of Google Results

The fight to get onto the first page of a Google Search result is a constant battle- and it’s most certainly not an impossible task! With the right team to guide you and take forth your efforts with excellent SEO tips and tricks, enjoy your well-deserved spot on Page One of Google results!

Based on what keyword or question on Google you’re looking to rank for, there’s usually always a rush to be on the first page but by following these 7 SEO tips, you could beat the crowd to find a worthy spot!

1.Making your website mobile-friendly websites is the right start
With over half of your target audience on mobile devices, to start off with, it is highly recommended to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. This ensures a better Page Experience for the users and its mobile-friendly nature will give your content the push it needs to make its way to the top!

2.Identify content that previously performed well
The next point to tackle to make your way to the top is to take a look at previous content and identify what worked well. No matter the type of content put up on your website previously and how great its performance was, it usually presents with a bell-like curve with a slow period at first, then a spot of time where the content does well followed by a downward curve in the popularity.
See how you could alter your content strategy to accommodate for larger periods of it performing well. This is possible when the content remains relevant and answers the query that Google seeks out to answer for its users.

3.Consider making it to the Featured Snippets feature on Google Search
Getting onto Page One of Google Results is a time-consuming and SEO intensive task but here’s a little cheat code for you- Featured Snippets! When a query is posted, Google picks up the most relevant answer and gives it front page access in the form of a featured snippet.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a set formula to get your website there. Examine your keyword and look for variations which may open up doors to be featured for particular information. Study a featured snippet more closely, along with clear and concise content and understand how to frame and format your information to secure a spot on the first page.
Learn how to optimize to appear as a featured snippet and watch your website traffic ascend!

4.Identify and refocus on the pages appearing on page two
The website pages with the most potential to appear on Page one are those that are currently situated on page two. A little revamp, in line with SEO tips given by experts, could result in making it appear on the first page.

5.Rank by Importance
Place priority on the web pages that are most important to your website. Examine your internal navigation systems and make sure that your most important pages are relatively closer to your homepage. Since the homepage is the origin of several links, it possesses the highest page authority. Make use of this and have the important pages directly linked onto the homepage allowing them to rank higher and eventually push your website onto page one of google results.

6.All about the Links: streamline Internal Linking structure & backlinks
Here are two SEO tips related to links.
Internal linking is a largely understood and used concept which is of great importance when it comes to ranking higher. This is the blueprint that Google examines to get an idea of the matter of your website, pushing you higher on those topics. Be smart with internal linking creating an easier user experience and valuable opportunities for everyone who visits your website.
Backlinks are a trustworthy and well-tested method to get your ranking up there. Make sure you have backlinks from trustworthy websites for relevant topics and build from there.

7.Keep your Competitors Closest!
Extensively research what your competitors are doing to secure their ranking on the first page of a Google search. Peruse their landing pages, understand why their content is working better than yours is. They have most likely followed these 7 SEO tips to rank on page one!

If you want to drive up the organic traffic onto your page and get conversions, making your spot known on the first page of Google results for the keywords that matter is a priority. We, at Dinero Tech Labs, can definitely help you out.