5 Best Ways to Target Country Based SEO Traffic

You have become a successful entrepreneur with a strong foundation for your business in your country, both online and offline. Now, you realize that there is a large international market that is waiting to be conquered and they are mainly non-English speaking countries. So, how do you do international SEO to promote your product or service to countries with different languages?

If you intend to target multiple countries with different languages, be prepared for the sheer volume of resources needed to maintain the numerous websites. With the right steps taken from the very beginning, you can ensure a good amount of traffic to your website from around the world.

Here are a few basic steps to ensure international SEO, in other words, to optimize your website for various countries and languages.

1. Analyze the Markets in the Target Countries

Even though this looks overwhelming and is a daunting task, you need to see where your website stands in the countries that you are targeting.  See if your website ranks within the top100 (use Google Analytics). Your domain might not be ranked for keywords in these countries. Find the local competitors and search for the keywords that they rank in.

2.  Next – Track Your Competitors

When treading into unknown territory, you need to know who your competitors are. Not all of them would have a strong digital presence either. You need to track competitors who excel far more in traffic and volume of keywords than you.

3. International Keyword Research

Now that you have your competitors check their high-traffic keywords and select the best of the indexed keywords for yourself. Mix high, low, and medium search volume keywords along with long-tail keyword phrases to get a steady flow of traffic to your website. 

4. The Tough part – the Technical Side

The most important part of the international SEO would be its technical side.  The three important aspects are the website structure, server location, and hreflang implementation. The website structure is based on the targeted country. Choose the best web hosting solutions to avoid slow site speed and bad user experience. Implement the correct hreflang annotations, or it would bring down your ranking and user experience. Follow the best practices for link building and also optimize the website for the mobile. 

5.  Localize your Content

The success of a business online depends on the content it has. You should create content in the local language to capture the audience and the market. You could get a local content specialist for different types of content, technical descriptions, etc. It is important to add nuances of the language which only a local would know.

It might take time, but international SEO is a must if your targets are the foreign markets for business developments.  It is extremely important to implement strategies that are suitable for the international scenario or the targeted country. Get websites running and keep track of the performance with the right tools. Need resources to handle your various websites? Get in touch! We can help.