How to Add Multiple Locations to your Facebook Page

Many companies are having their offices at multiple locations. The companies that have multiple offices may find it difficult and time-consuming to manage their social media pages. Earlier, Facebook used to require a separate page for each location but recently, they realized the demand for one page that could display all the company’s locations. This blog will help you to add multiple locations to your Facebook page.

Now, Facebook makes it easy for you to manage multiple locations on Facebook pages by adding a map to your main Facebook page with the help of a “Locations” tab. Before starting, here are few points to keep in mind.

Who Should Add Locations to Their Facebook Page?

If you are the person who has a multi-location business and you want to add all your locations to show up on your business’s Facebook page, then adding locations might be right for you.

Here are a few reasons you might want to have locations highlighted on your Facebook Page:

  • To make customers able to find and review locations of your business separate from your main page.
  • To track store visits.
  • To offer location-specific content.
  • To advertise each location from its main page.

Steps to Add Multiple Locations to Your Business’s Facebook Page

1. First, you need to make sure you have admin or editor access to the Facebook Business Page to which you are adding multiple locations. Only admins and editors can make big changes to Business Page.

2. Choose Settings in the top-right.

3. Choose Locations in the bottom left. If you can’t see this option, you may need to set up locations.

4. If you are adding locations for the first time and your page has an address already listed, a ‘warning’ message will be displayed. You will be asked to remove the address from your main page. This is because when you have multiple business locations, your main Facebook Page should be a ‘parent’ for your business, with ‘child’ Facebook Pages for each address.

You need to hide or move your ratings and reviews to a new page.

5. Add a location will let you add business locations one at a time. From the drop-down menu, either Choose an existing Page if you already have location Page or Create a new Page to start again. And you are done.

You have now added business locations from your Facebook Page. Using the Locations feature helps customers to find your business faster and allows you to manage all your locations in one place.


Social media marketing for Ecommerce websites

We are living in a consumer centered world. Success of any company is based on marketing. With a perfect marketing team, you will be able to create huge success. Today, you don’t even have to go out of your room to buy something. With a single mouse click or touch of the finger, you can get anything you want. Ecommerce websites are booming today, because of their greater reliability and accessibility. If you go to a showroom, you might not get your desired model. However, you don’t have this limitation in an Ecommerce website. You can buy your favorite model from anywhere around the world.

Social media is the biggest platform for brand building. It is a blessing in disguise for sellers and buyers. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are used by all the biggest companies to build a direct link and relationship with their customers. Through this, you will be able to address the customers directly and get their feedback properly. You only have to create an initial input; customers will share and spread the word quickly. A good business administrator knows the pulse of people and he can easily boost the market for his product.

Creative contents are required to ensure the success of your ad campaign. As we know, the users of social media are not popular for their patience. Most of these online users are famous for their lack of interest in advertisements. You need to capture their attention and make them interested in your products. First of all, you can start by creating a promotional page and account on different social media web sites. However, for ecommerce purposes, you have to provide website link on every image and content you share. It will be better to use the domain name of your website as your page name on social media.

There are two types of ads; direct ads and indirect ads. You have to maintain a perfect balance between direct and indirect ads. Indirect ads will ensure a continuous flow of social media users towards your page, and direct ads will bring potential customers to your page. You need to change the interface of your web page, so that it can be accessed easily, using a mobile device. As you know, no one in their right mind will ever use social media sites from their computer. Compatibility is a great issue, because, users might not stay on your web page, if it is hard to navigate through. Also, do not experiment much on the design and navigation. Give people a familiar and easy design.

How to drive sales through online marketing

Gone are the days of direct marketing. People no longer show interest in news paper ads and television ads. It is true, that a certain group of population still depends upon traditional media. However, to drive sales towards a company, what we need is a more sharp and focussed approach. Traditional advertising technique is like firing continuously without looking at the target, hoping something will hit somewhere. However, online marketing method does not waste any bullets. They are precise, sharp, and right on target. Today, it is rather easy to find the browsing habits and personal profiles of internet users. Most of them give such information willingly, to enhance their internet experience. Online marketing firms collect these data to categorize clients with different interests.

First of all, you need to develop a marketing strategy. Identify your customer group, and list their likes and dislikes. If your products are for youngsters, you will need vibrant and interesting contents appealing to the youth. Just like this, all businesses will have a specific group of customers. To drive sales, you will have to flush them out of their dens. It is not an easy task nonetheless. To establish a customized online marketing method for your company, you don’t need more investment or infrastructure. You can easily find an online marketing firm and use their help to boost the sales.

Today, there are many ways through which you can implement online marketing ideas. Social media is one among the most important platform for implementing this. Once you manage to create a reputation, it is self sustainable. If you can make an impact on the mind of internet users, they will copy it and share with their friends. The expense is way less, compared to the traditional methods. This way, you can directly give discount coupons and deals to the clients. No intermediaries are required for any of your implementations.

Many companies are coming forward with new ideas and creative campaigns to win over the pocket of clients. Certain companies do not even have a physical existence. You are already familiar with some clothing brands and Smartphone brands that are not available through stores. You can only purchase them online. These continuous success stories of such companies tell us the importance of digital online marketing today. World is changing every day, and every second. To compete and survive here, you have to be extra ordinary. Think creatively and make your business a success, with the help of online marketing.

Manage your Social Media like a Pro

The world is shrinking to finger tips. The last decade has seen rocketing changes in the marketing techniques. From online optimization to social media and more, the approaches for escalating your market presence is escalating to multiple strands.

The role of social media, in a layman’s life has grown immensely that you can’t even imagine about moving to a higher level in your business without proper social media strategies. It is no more a game of just posting and bagging likes. There are even master curriculums to learn on social media optimization. However some quick steps can help to gain a decent position for your business in this most competitive platform of today’s marketing.

Quality Matters

If someone posts terrible news without proper citation or authenticity, will you share the content? How credible will you consider the brand? It is better to share a few posts than sharing 10 or 20 incorrect or hoax posts. The quality of the content determines the life and publicity of a social media page. Be sure to share content that is good enough to be re-shared or retweeted, passed on to colleagues across industries. Also check if the content that will last, not just trend for a week and disappear.

Analyse Data

Continuous analysis is a key in social media marketing. Check the reach of each post. Analyse the difference in posting at different times. Analyse the age, gender and geographical features of your followers. Analyse each piece of information perfectly to create a flawless strategy that will hit the bull’s eye.

Check for Possibilities

Check for reshares and possibilities where you get pitch yourself. There are many tools available, which notifies you when keywords associated with your brand is mentioned anywhere in social media. Such posts can be reshared to get more publicity and thus drive more people to your social media pages.

Schedule your posts

Timely postings are quite essential in keeping your engagement constant. If you are not able to reach always on time, make sure your schedule posts on timely intervals


Try replying for comments. Answering queries, tagging your followers and keep in touch with them. This will increase your credibility and people will enjoy visiting your page.

So now what are you waiting for. Get Social!!