The Top 5 Digital Trends for 2018

It’s a new year and everyone is quite anxious about the days to come. From personal resolutions to new corporate milestones, there are hands full of events awaiting you. Though each day comes up with new surprises, there are some things we learn from the past and some clear calculation about the future, that can help you perform better.

New trends are sweeping of every market and the case of digital media is not different. Digital marketing is still standing in the top notch of several marketing services offered all around.

Let’s take a quick scout on some of the most trusteed predictions about digital media strategies you can keep noted on your 2018 schedules.

AI to Rule

Artificial Intelligence is gasping in a pace more than you could imagine. All arenas of life are touched by AI sources, so is the case of digital media. The ads shown anywhere you go from Google to social media on things that you search about is nothing but the true game of marketing AIs. The influence of AI is forecasted to leap significantly in the coming year.

Influencer Marketing and Generation Z

The target group has passed on from Generation Y to Generation Z already. However the role of influencer marketers will be quite high with these groups. This is much evident from success of YouTube Kids. Generation Z focus on 11-18 years and hence micro influencers play a key role with this class. Testimonials and customer suggestions are likely to add to branding and reputation of any products.

Mobiles to be Smarter

Digital marketing started gaining its real pace with the massive spread of smartphones. All reports undoubtedly points to the influence of mobile app development and mobile friendly websites as the only solution to withstand the tides of the new trends. Google might not even consider you without being mobile friendly as the impulse of internet today lies within smartphones.

Social Media Swirls

Social media marketing will move through new phases in the coming year. Facebook will continue to stand out tall; however, another giant Twitter is expected to lose its glamour with an increase in the character count. The challenge with tweets was succinct messages which are not necessary with increased character count facility. However, LinkedIn is grabbing much more attention and will continue to boom in the coming years. Instagram is another area of magic as it opens many doors for innovation with a creative and chic touch. It is quintessential to sharpen your social media strategies to win the game in the coming year.

Voice and Video 

Voice searches and going Live will also gain much weightage in the coming years. Optimizing keywords to catch voice searches should be immediately done in the first quarter of the year in order to maintain your positions. All SEO’s keep noted; this is going to be a quick strategy to plan your moves. All the latest surveys report for the massive growth in mobile video consumption. So get ready with a cool video strategy or what to wait? Go live and pull your crowd in.

So now what, get your tool sharpened and gear up for an amazing year with perfect strategies to win your game. We wish you a very prosperous 2018!!