The Digital Marketing Life Cycle

The Digital Marketing Life Cycle

Dinero  |  
March 23, 2021

One of the key players to success in your digital marketing efforts is understanding and carefully implementing the digital marketing life cycle. With a digital marketing strategy, hoping for the best without actually following up post implementation is surely not the way to go. For any campaign to be deemed successful, it must be monitored, appropriately refined and measured over time. This is why the concept of the digital marketing life cycle came into play.

While the three stages of digital marketing is what is followed largely, a five stage classification exists too. Let’s take a closer look at both of these categorisations to gauge what exactly the difference is.

The Three Stages of Digital Marketing

In the three stages of Digital Marketing model, the process is divided into:
1. Creation
Forming the foundation onto which the whole process lays, the strategy and message for the campaign is created in the first stage. The design and content created in this stage should be a reflection of exactly what the brand hopes to embody to its customers.
2. Engagement
The content created in stage one is then effectively distributed and sent out to the audience using various channels (search engine marketing, email and social media) to receive engagement.
3. Data Collection and Analytics
Putting your word out there is not the last step- analysing data to quantify the success of your campaign helps you create more effective strategies. This takes the marketer right back to stage one where the creation process is tweaked to garner better results.

In the five stage model, while the first two stages remain the same, the final stage is further subdivided into conversion, expansion and viral growth.

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