Social Media Marketing: Have you been ignoring it?

Social media is no longer something to be ignored but a necessity. It is essential to have social media channels that assist in the growth of your business. They can bring in more traffic and leads. But for this, you have to have a social media strategy, plan, and consistency.

What’s so great about social media?

  • 3.2 billion daily active users
  • Facebook is the market leader
  • Social media users (generation)
  1. Millennials – 90.4%
  2. Gen X – 77.5%
  3. Baby Boomers – 48.2%  (Emarketer, 2019)
  • Instagram Stories Usage – 500 million daily active stories.

The statistics go on and on forever. I think you get the picture. Investing in social media with a strategy will give you excellent returns and help you to build a brand presence in the long run.

Let’s have a look at some of the initial steps in social media marketing.

1.  Each social media channel needs a unique plan

Each channel is unique and so the strategy and planning also differ. If you are a newcomer, concentrate on just three channels or you will end up spreading yourself too thin. Create plans for each channel and follow them daily.

2. Be Consistent in Posting

Learn how frequently you have to post on social media channels. Twitter allows multiple tweets in a day. But you could end up annoying your followers if you post too many times on Facebook and Instagram. Outline your plan with what content you will publish, how many times, involving the influencers, etc.

3.  Stunning Images – a must

Stunning images capture the attention of the audience immediately. You can create beautiful images or graphics using tools like Canva or get professional help. Ensure the posts always reflect your brand and its value. You could also follow a consistent color scheme throughout your posts especially in Instagram. 

4.  Share Valuable Content

Your posts not only need to be consistent but also valuable for your audience.  They have to relevant, beneficial, and engaging. Use Feedly to collect relevant content and share it with your audience.

5. A/B Testing

A/B testing is very important as it enables you to gauge the way people react to your content. Share a post at multiple times with different headings. Measure the engagement for the post. Poor content and weak headlines can bring low in engagement.

6. Organize with a management tool

If you are going to manage your social media posts individually, you will find yourself going crazy. Select a tool that can help you to publish content across multiple platforms, schedule posts, see your social media feeds from a single window, and track the results.

7. Keep track of the analytics

Keep track of your efforts and understand your results to improve your strategy. Analyze them weekly and monthly to make the changes needed.

 So, if you are someone who has a business to promote and you still haven’t considered social media channels, you are losing big time. Are you looking for social media marketing experts? Call us!