More Visibility with Digital Marketing in Press Release Services

With the dawn of digital marketing, press releases have changed immensely. Press releases are no longer a PR tool but also an important content marketing tool for online advertising.

The press release distribution services give an immense boost and reach to the digital marketing strategies for businesses. If your press release doesn’t reach the intended audience, no one gets to know about your business. Good press coverage helps businesses to increase their brand awareness. Every media company that carries your news will have a backlink to your website that helps to increase the ranking of the website.

The benefits of distributing a press release are:
1. It boosts your SEO
2. Drives traffic to your physical store
3. It generates more sales.

Rich Media in Online Press Releases

Digital press releases formats are different from the traditional articles of direct publications. Rich media enhances the press release on several levels, making it engaging for the readers.
You could consider adding some of the elements such as:

• Header and subheader
• Image thumbnails with download links
• Social buttons
• Video/Audio
• Infographics
• Press Release Copy (short and full version)

All these elements need not be included in your release all the time, but you could mix and place them based on what you cover.

Keeping an eye on the Press Release Performance with Analytics

The magic of digital marketing is the ability to track and measure almost all the processes, with a scope of improving it. Press release distribution done through an email platform with analytics is one of the easiest ways to track its performance.

Some of the metrics available are:
1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
2. Conversion rate
3. Email Engagement

The click-through rate indicates the number of people who opened the emails, along with the quality of the contact list and the power of the email subject line. The conversion rate shows how engaging the content was, and the third metric helps to decide which needs a follow-up email.

Search Engine Optimization for Content

When it comes to press releases, SEO is not a big priority. But there are a few things that require attention for better visibility and reach.

• Add topics based on search trends or patterns.
• Backlinks play a huge role in SEO
• Avoid stuffing keywords as it will affect performance and credibility
• Use keywords in your image alt tags.

Mobile Friendly

Studies prove that consumers use their mobile phones to access news regularly. By following a few basic good practices, writing for mobile readers becomes easy.

• Use short headlines to prevent crucial content kicked out of view. A short headline and a
sub-header usually fit the mobile display and anything longer could increase the bounce rate.
• Short paragraphs make it easier to read, especially for mobile phone users.
• Optimize the images to make them mobile-friendly.

Finally, ensure that you have an up-to-date media list that’s relevant to your brand. It will guarantee that your PR campaign reaches the right media contacts. By following the good practices in digital marketing, relevant press releases will have a great chance of publicity.

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