How relevant is SEO for blogs in 2019?

A simple search of the term ‘blogs’ would give you 11, 84, 00,00,000 search results. Just imagine the number of blogs churned out each day. Mind-boggling! So, how can you make your blog posts to stand out of the crowd? A couple of simple steps would assure you of success in blogging.

1. Long-tail keywords for converting your target audience

Gone are the days when you had to add a set of keywords to your content. Now, search engine algorithms require you to have content that answers the questions posed by your visitors.  A good criterion would be to have one or two long-tail keywords. Visitors with long-tail keyword search are more likely to convert

2. Strategic placement of keywords in your posts

To better rank your posts, you have to place the keywords in four important places: Title, Headers and body, Meta description and URL.

3. Add Alt text for the images.

Search engines can’t see and alt text is like the ‘braille’ for search engines. You can achieve a higher ranking by adding alt text to the images.

4. Modify the Meta description

Nowadays, there is no guarantee that the meta description that you added will be displayed by Google. You still have to optimize it with the long-tail keyword you want to rank and it should have a limit of 300 characters.

5. Mobile-Friendly Blogs

Mobiles accessing the internet has surpassed the desktops by 75 percent (India). This means your blog or website would have the most visits from mobile users. It is absolutely necessary to create blogs and websites that are mobile-friendly to take advantage of this factor.

6. Avoid Same Topic Tags

Avoid using same topic tags as you can be penalized for duplicate content. Select 10-15 tags that are dissimilar to each other and are important to the blog.

7. Internal Links

It is best practice to link a previous post that has a topic mentioned in your present blog posts. This helps to increase the authority of the page and also allows your visitors to stay on your site.

8. Easy-to-understand URL structures

The URL structures that you create should be easy for the visitors to understand the structure of the website. It should be easy to navigate and also display the content they are about to see.


Your blogs posts should always have content that identifies and answer your target visitor’s queries and goals. This will ensure that the visitors will read your blogs and convert into leads. Optimizing your blog posts with SEO will help your blogs to gain more visibility and ranking in search engines.

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