How AI is Influencing Digital Marketing?

Every marketer wishes or dreams to have all the effort and strategies put in would convert to solid leads. Countless hours spent pouring over data, analyzing, targeting, planning, sometimes misses the mark. 

When that happens, more time is spent on repeating the same procedures to find out what went wrong. With the introduction of innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, time-consuming processes are now faster and easier. AI improves valuable customer insights and experience, thus increasing sales and leads for businesses

How does AI transform digital marketing?

AI now plays a strong role in the current digital scenario with huge players like Amazon’s personalized recommendations, Apple’s Siri, Google’s voice search, etc. Al brings in personalization by analyzing immense data and predicting buying behaviors.

1. Personalization for Enhanced Customer Experience

When the content is relevant and useful, the users are more likely to convert to be brand ambassadors and loyal customers. Al helps personalize data and decide the most applicable content for each customer by examining things like location, past behavior, and historical data. Voice search technology, enabled by AI-based technology of natural language, is making great progress with virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. People especially the visually challenged find the voice search empowering with instant answers while multi-tasking.

2. Predict Customer Behavior

AI can also predict the behavior of old and new customers. It can collect customer data not only from your website but from all across the internet. This personalization of journeys and profiles helps to target your potential leads and convert them with effective strategies.

3. Effective Email Marketing

A lot of the email content created today is personalized. But it is of no avail if the intended user overlooks it. AI does a smart analysis of the history of the email views and open rates which allows the marketer to send emails at a time when the customer reads them.

4. Real-time Customer Support

With the digital age, the quickest response from brands to queries from their customers is a deciding factor in customer loyalty. AI chatbots have now replaced real people to give better service in real-time. They can do basic stuff like solve answers, track and complete orders, and working 24/7, they increase customer satisfaction.

5. Incentive and product recommendation for consumers

With AI, marketers can learn the customer’s purchase behavior which helps in predicting incentives to enable conversions. He can decide the percentage amount of the incentive that is most likely to attract the customer. Similarly, marketers can work on their product recommendation strategy to learn the affinity of consumers towards certain products. Based on the findings, marketers can build effective marketing strategies

Benefits of AI in digital marketing?

  • Easy to understand audience behavior like never before.
  • Maximize user experience
  • Increases productivity
  • Effective marketing
  • Able to measure ROI before initiating campaigns

Though far from perfect AI has reached great heights and will keep on improving. Make your business strategies successful by implementing AI into your business strategies. To know more, get in touch with us.