6 ways to use social profile to get quality traffic

Driving social media traffic to the website requires a good deal of know-how and skill. It is a tricky task especially on a limited budget and along with paid advertising. Paid social media will increase your traffic, but you need to make the crowd reach your social channels.How?

One of the ways for ensuring huge traffic to your site is by creating a large presence on social media. The bigger the presence, the larger the traffic.

Steps to Increase Social Media Traffic

It is important to be actively engaged in building relationships on the social network to gain a huge audience or presence. Keep nurturing and engaging with your customers, influencers, potential buyers, and brand loyalists with this purpose.

Even though each social media is different, make sure you bring out the brand in all the content that you create – blogs, case studies, or infographics. 

1. Attract with Visuals

Social media posts with visuals had 650% more engagement than text posts (Adobe). Visualization of content helps audiences to relate and interact better. Visuals related to products and demo aids customers in taking a firm and quick buying decision. 

2. The Visual Master

One of the best venues for visuals in social media happens to be Instagram. The competition is pretty huge, as there are millions of videos and photos shared each day. But businesses see a high impact when they share beautiful and engaging content with great visuals. Some pointers:

  • High-grade photography
  • well-designed layouts and vibrant colors
  • Well-planned and on point at all times
  • Story-telling visuals

3. Create Shareable Content

With 5.11 billion mobile users (Source: We Are Social) globally, digital creators and marketers must be aware of the utmost importance of being mobile-friendly. So, the content created should be easy to share, easy to read, with social media buttons, and links that open to the correct page.

Social Media Plugins and Buttons

Add plugins to your content page which makes it easier for the readers to share. Use click to tweet, social media buttons that don’t interrupt the reader while scrolling. Use free heat maps to see your audience interacting with your content and based on the high click content, place your buttons in the right spot.

4. Work on your SEO

Digital marketing and online content have advanced so much that it would be a good thing to work on your SEO practices. It helps improve online visibility, connect with your readers, bring in more leads, strengthen your brand, and increase the traffic.

5. Increase Inbound Links

Once you start having quality content in your kitty, you could encourage external sites to link with you which leads to a share, further increasing the audience base. Build great friendships by sharing other people’s content.

6. Listen to your Audience

Consistent posting in social media channels helps to increase your follower count. It would be good to have a daily publishing schedule for effective traffic building. A standard publishing schedule by experts are:

  • Post on Facebook 3-10 times a week
  • Post on LinkedIn 2-5 times a week
  • Instagram around 1.5 times a day
  • Tweet at least five times a day

Have a social media calendar with publishing tools to make your work easier to do and track.

Consistency in social media is a sure way to get quality links and traffic. If you lack time in building a good audience and traffic, you know who to call.