7 reasons to include infographics in your content strategy.

Over a decade ago, every company was using infographics as part of their marketing strategy. ‘Boring’ content was represented pictographically, making it easier to understand and appealing to the audience.

So the question is, are infographics still relevant? Most definitely! It is still very much alive and used by companies for sharing information. But it has diverged to a larger variety of visual content like motion graphics, augmented reality, social media micro-narratives, mini-infographics, and video.

Do infographics need to be part of your content strategy? Yes! Here are a few reasons why you should have infographics in your marketing efforts.

1. Visual Presentations are Better than Text

Our brains process visuals much faster than text; 60,000 times faster! (Thermopylae). it is easier for your audience to better understand complex technologies or theories, data, and much more through visual representation.

2.  A Great way to Describe Stories and Grow Your Audience

When the data and the stories behind are presented visually, infographics become a powerful content marketing tool. It generates more views (94%) than text-based content. The reason for this:

  • They are extremely shareable especially in social media
  • They are easily understood and engageable to all.

3. They bring in Additional Value

Your audience doesn’t expect content from your content instead, they expect brands to enhance their lives by furnishing detailed information and useful resources. Infographics are a way to deliver on these expectations. For eg, the textual description of a product size like a mattress would be difficult for users to visualize. But with the help of infographics, they can make informed decisions easily.

4. SEO loves Infographics

High-quality infographics are famous for bringing in organic backlinks which increases traffic to your website and brand credibility. They are super good for SEO as they can be tailored to specific keywords and also be easily shared and linked. It would be great to use image keywords or alt text for SEO.

5. They are Easy to Repurpose and Increase Sales

Infographics can be repurposed in several ways such as posters, presentations, brochures, etc. Infographics can instantly make your potential buyers see why you are better than your competitors.

6. It Increases your Search Marketing Results

If your infographics are popular they help impact your business in a great way. The increase of inbound links can boost your search results and this will be further boosted if highly targeted keywords are added to the title, description, and meta description of your infographic.

7. They are Embeddable

The beauty of an infographic is that it is embeddable. If you include an embedded code in your infographic, your audience can easily integrate them into their websites which automatically links back to your site. Above all this, the simplicity of the infographic makes it easy to understand even for non-English or global users.

With hard work and luck, if your infographics are informative and visually appealing to a large audience, they could become viral which will help increase viewership. In this competitive world, capture the attention of your targeted audience with educational, appealing, and enjoyable infographics. To know more, call us.