How to Uncover Your Competitors’ Social Media Strategies

Social media strategy is one among the marketing strategies that business struggle for results. Right from creating a social media profile to managing the content, everything needs to be done with a proper action plan accompanied with extremely hard work. Fortunately dealing with social media strategies can be made easy by reviewing the way your competitors do it. Here are few steps to help you do it:

Identify The Competitors

The first and foremost step towards the creation of a competitive social media strategy is finding the right competitors. You need to find businesses that are similar to that of your irrespective of its size. Size of the business does not have anything to do with the social media marketing strategy as it is the content that matters.

Analyze Their Profiles

Social profiles and pages do have a role in deciding the success of a social media strategy. Most of the social profiles provide less than 200 characters to describe your business to the first time page visitors. Have a look at how wisely the competitors have used those 200 characters. Analyze their keywords usage (if any). At the same time, irrespective of the competitors, make sure you include URL of your website in all those social media profiles possible.

Analyze Their Content

Take a close look at the type of content your competitors share. Also, note the kind of response they receive from the people. The content could be updated, news update or anything related to products and services. Pick their content that gets the most engagement and this can help you in deciding the best content to be posted.

Keep Monitoring

Uncovering your competitors’ social media strategies at the beginning of your profile creation will not suffice. You need to monitor them on a regular basis to know the updates that they make in their strategies and the type of response that they receive for the same. So, start uncovering the strategies!

Investing in ERP or Digital Transformation as a Competitive Advantage

Yes, implementing ERP solution into your organizational functionality is not an easy task. The level of difficulty depends on how well you know about how clear you are with respect to the directions and goals of the project. Upon the implementation of ERP software, the two main goals will replace the outdated system and enhance the customer experience to compete better with the customers.

Now that you have a clear idea of the goal, before investing in the ERP as a competitive advantage, you need to have a clear vision of the digital transformation project. There are plenty of questions and you and your team need to look at in order to succeed in the competition. Few among them is: What is your business trying to accomplish? What are the improvements you are looking forward to? How will this digital transformation help you realize it? so on and so forth.

The benefits that you get out of the ERP implementation or digital transformation are usually long term. You need to have a clear and bigger picture of the goals to be met in order to make sure the implementation goes well. Companies that invest in digital transformation with an idea of just replacing the old system usually fail in the implementation. Trying to accomplish without a proper vision is a mere waste of money and time.

So, now the question is how to focus on the competitive advantage side of the implementation rather than mere replacement of the old system. The best way is to concentrate on these points right from the planning stage of the ERP implementation. Make sure all the above-mentioned questions are answered and are integrated into the digital transformation strategy. You can get the competitive advantage only when you create a perfect balance between improved workflow, integrated process, and better customer satisfaction. To accomplish all these in a smooth way, it is recommended to seek expert assistance at the initial stages.