Why should your business have a mobile app?

Is it essential to have a mobile app for a business? This is indeed a question of the day and the answer is undoubtedly a big YES! Past two decades has witnessed alarming taking over of any industry in the digital arena. However the boom of smartphones has made radical changes as a whole in every strands of the life, especially in case of business.  From a stationary shop next door to sophisticated market tycoons, everyone is in an urge of establishing and promoting their online identity. The strategy began with effective web development which has today reached mobile apps.

There are many ways in which a mobile app helps your business.

Communication is the key

Any business survives with proper communication with the clients. From the very beginning it is crucial to convey your product or service properly to turn prospective clients to a recurring customer. In the early days executives ran from one to door to other to establish and maintain their client relations. However interaction was taking new forms when things started to get online. Though interactive websites and later social media helped in customer feedbacks and support, mobile apps are the easiest form in that field. When your clients install your app they get every detail in finger tips, which make communication easy.

Engrave your brand

Why do your advertise? Of course it is to establish your brand name in your client’s heart so that they just don’t go out of your business. A mobile app is a key to engrave your brand to a client’s heart. Each day when they scroll their mobile n number of time, they come across your brand name and logo with a mobile app. This serves as a life time advertisement without an additional investment.

Easier than website

Driving a customer to a website is not an easy job. Your client has to either search for your brand or type down the exact URL in order to reach your website. They have to wait for minutes to get that completely loaded depending upon the connectivity. Mobile apps make all these hustle free.  A touch on the apps icon readily takes them to the services and products. Things are much easier and this saves a lot of time

So what are your waiting for, creating a mobile app is no rocket science. But ensure that create a cool, user friendly and engaging app to boost your business to new levels.

Significance of Content and Design in Web Design

Imagine that you steps in to an office for discussing about a product or service you require. The office is so clumsy with a lot of unnecessary stuff; your first impression is spoilt right? You start to speak with an executive over there, he starts beating around the bush and speaks about many things around the world instead of speaking to the point you require, what would you feel? Any person on the first hand will feel that this is certainly not the right place. No matter what expertise they have, how good they advertise clients will run off from such a scenario.

This is the same case with a perfect design and proper content in any website. Your website is your online identity. It is the face of your brand, it is your office space and it is where your prospective clients judge your business. Hence is it quintessential to keep it the best in order to reap business from online arena.

There are quite many techniques like SEO and SMO which can drive the exact traffic into your website. A proper optimization will keep your place firm the first SERP and social media engagement will add to your popularity, which in turn will enroute all your customers to the targeted website.

Now comes the requirement for turning them into your recurring clients. The first and foremost step is to have a perfect website.

Keep it simple yet elegant

The web design is the key factor that catches the attention of your clients. Choose a design that suits your business pattern. Don’t over stuff elements. Keep it simple, clean and elegant. Highlight the areas of you expertise. Make it user friendly. The customers should be able to find out their targets search easily. It should be quick to access and easily navigable. You should be careful from choosing the interface to a colour combination to even the placement of right images.

Crisp yet informative content

Next to the design stand eth position of your content. There is no meaning in writing essays as web content. No one has time to read stories. Convey the point with proper words in style. Ensure that each information you need to deliver to your clients in described in few words. The content should be placed in such a way that your targeted customer should feel it is the deal in the first read.

It is not often easy to do this, unless this is catered by creative efficient professionals in that field hence make sure you trust a proper source in getting your web design and content done. Keep your website clean and creative to bag your business.

Manage your Social Media like a Pro

The world is shrinking to finger tips. The last decade has seen rocketing changes in the marketing techniques. From online optimization to social media and more, the approaches for escalating your market presence is escalating to multiple strands.

The role of social media, in a layman’s life has grown immensely that you can’t even imagine about moving to a higher level in your business without proper social media strategies. It is no more a game of just posting and bagging likes. There are even master curriculums to learn on social media optimization. However some quick steps can help to gain a decent position for your business in this most competitive platform of today’s marketing.

Quality Matters

If someone posts terrible news without proper citation or authenticity, will you share the content? How credible will you consider the brand? It is better to share a few posts than sharing 10 or 20 incorrect or hoax posts. The quality of the content determines the life and publicity of a social media page. Be sure to share content that is good enough to be re-shared or retweeted, passed on to colleagues across industries. Also check if the content that will last, not just trend for a week and disappear.

Analyse Data

Continuous analysis is a key in social media marketing. Check the reach of each post. Analyse the difference in posting at different times. Analyse the age, gender and geographical features of your followers. Analyse each piece of information perfectly to create a flawless strategy that will hit the bull’s eye.

Check for Possibilities

Check for reshares and possibilities where you get pitch yourself. There are many tools available, which notifies you when keywords associated with your brand is mentioned anywhere in social media. Such posts can be reshared to get more publicity and thus drive more people to your social media pages.

Schedule your posts

Timely postings are quite essential in keeping your engagement constant. If you are not able to reach always on time, make sure your schedule posts on timely intervals


Try replying for comments. Answering queries, tagging your followers and keep in touch with them. This will increase your credibility and people will enjoy visiting your page.

So now what are you waiting for. Get Social!!

ERP System – All That You Should Know!

Whether it be an SME or a large enterprise, one of the biggest challenges it faces is the difficulty in managing different modules, departments, processes, products or services it possesses in a centralized and efficient manner. An organization will have different systems in place to do individual tasks, an HRM software for managing HR related stuff, an inventory management software for inventory management, an invoicing system for billing etc, to name a few.

When the size of the organization becomes larger, the complexity of keeping these systems synchronized also increases. This might lead to inefficient operation of the organization and fall in productivity. This can also become a bottleneck that an organization can’t grow beyond a limit due to the inability of individual systems to work together. Here comes ERP softwares to the rescue.

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a centralized business and process management software which binds together different modules within an organization. That means, you can cover the entire lifecycle of a product from the design to delivery phases through a single application. This helps in cutting down considerable amount of manual effort and process complexities.

You can use an ERP system for Financial management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Purchase Management, forecasting sales trends, improving existing processes, generating analytics reports and a lot more. It also helps in bringing down the operational cost by streamlining the processes.

Data security is another important aspect an organization must consider seriously especially when regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are becoming a mandate nowadays. An ERP system can centrally manage various data accesses for different users like employees and external consultants in an organization effectively and securely. It also helps to comply with security and process regulations in the respective geography in a more robust way.

Quick tips to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency

The world has gone too digital that you can’t think about establishing your brand without a proper online identity. Hiring an agency is no easy game. You can’t hop from an agency to other every other quarter. The choice you make is vital. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you make the right decision.

Big is not always best

A little research can give a handful of agencies from big shot market rulers to start ups. There is a general concept that big agencies with the huge client base are the best. It may not always be true. Huge agencies often sublet their works, to junior staffs or local agencies. You may end up paying much more money without a purpose. When you choose an agency make sure your project is done by the experts whom you are in touch with.

Check for expertise

You should count the experience of the professionals in the agency rather than the years of these agencies in the market. The firm might be functioning for years, but it is not always necessary that their staffs are as experienced as the firm. It is the quality, expertise and experience of the staff, which adds to the result.

Choose the one that suits you

Different agencies have myriads of client base and packages that suit them. Check the package of services an agency is offering. It is crucial to choose the one that provide the right website design, mobile and email web solutions, online marketing, SEO and SEM, content writing and the like.

Budget matters
Budget is an important factor regardless of the size of the company. Even if your budget doesn’t allow choosing an expensive agency, never compromise for the cheapest. Quality must be your top preference. There are many standard agencies that provide you ample service without tearing your pockets.

All these aspects are very important if you want to avail the services of the best digital marketing agency. Remember, quality digital marketing is a technique that can get you success in a very short period of time.